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Our companu is curently expand
production line in to the new factory
on  2000 square meters.

NeoMedica on MEDICA 2014, Dusseldorf

Mocsow Decembar 9-13, 2014
moscov congress
Dubai Januar 26-29, 2015

Urine station pics 
NEW Fully Automated Urine Station



5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

5 part Diff Hematology analyzer

3 part Diff Hematology analyzer
ncc2310 very small

hematology reagents neomedica



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 NeoMedica's new serie of 5-diff Hematology instruments

NCC-51  55


Urine station 2 slika

NeoMedica's new serie of Fully Automatic Urine instruments

Top Product

  New 3-diff hematology analyzer Phoenix NCC-2310NCC-2310 maska2v3


Reagents. We can offer Finished, bulk, semi-finished, OEM, ODM products


27urine teststrips


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 2013 Hematology







January 26 - January 29 , 2015